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New to the website:

Due to the pandemic, most of Marlborough Meeting is joining Seekers Haven Worship Group for online Meetings for Worship at 10:30 AM each week. All are welcome to participate in that experience. Email for Zoom connection information.

During our traditional time of worship, the Meetinghouse will be open for those who find comfort in this building and grounds. There will usually be one Friend to greet you and share in worship. We urge all visitors to follow social distancing guidelines which we define as follows...

  • Forgoing the handshake at the rise of Meeting.
  • Avoiding other forms of physical contact.
  • Keeping a distance of three to six feet between Friends.
  • Liberal use of hand sanitizer.

Another consequence of the pandemic is that there will be no Christmas Carol this year. However, we would like to provide something of the Marlborough Christmas that you can bring into your home. Click here for details.

Marlborough Monthly Meeting

Marlborough Friends is a Christ-Centered Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
Our Meetinghouse is located in the center of the village of Marlborough, near Kennett Square PA. Built in 1801, it overlooks scenic Chester County farm fields and holds a special place in local history. We are proud that our well-preserved building is on several historic tours. But the more important duty we perform is to provide an environment in which God is found. Toward this end, we offer a form of worship which is simple, pure, and spiritual.

The pearl is hid in the field and the field is the world, and the world is in your hearts, and there you must dig deep to find it; and when you have digged deep and found it, you must sell all to purchase and redeem this field, and there you shall know the merchantman that makes the exchange, and there you shall know Christ, in you the hope of glory, to save you, and redeem you, the Immanuel God with us.

George Fox

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