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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we expect that many will elect to Worship at home. However, everyone should know that the Marlborough Meetinghouse will be open for those who choose to Worship there. We urge attendees to practice Social Distancing. We define that as…

  • Forgoing the handshake at the rise of Meeting.
  • Avoiding other forms of physical contact.
  • Keeping a distance of three to six feet between Friends.
  • Liberal use of hand sanitizer.

Marlborough Monthly Meeting

Marlborough Friends is a Christ-Centered Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
Our Meetinghouse is located in the center of the village of Marlborough, near Kennett Square PA. Built in 1801, it overlooks scenic Chester County farm fields and holds a special place in local history. We are proud that our well-preserved building is on several historic tours. But the more important duty we perform is to provide an environment in which God is found. Toward this end, we offer a form of worship which is simple, pure, and spiritual.

And do you not understand, and know, the sufferings and trials the holy men of God went through; and how by faith they subdued the mountains; and consider the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the faith of Abel, and enoch, and Noah, and the faith of Jeremiah, and the rest of the prophets, and the faith of Daniel, and the three children, and the faith of all the Apostles....and God and Christ is the same to uphold you.

George Fox

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