Mind the Heavenly Treasure

Thoughts for each day from the Scriptures and the eight volumes of the writings of George Fox

First Month 22, 2023.

There Is a Living God
         Fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God.         
         (Daniel 6:26)

  One morning, as I was sitting by the fire, a great cloud came over me, and a temptation beset me; and I sat still. And it was said, "All things come by nature." And the elements and stars came over me, as that I was in a manner quite clouded with it. But as I sat still and said nothing, the people of the house perceived nothing. And as I sat under it and let it alone, a living hope and a true voice arose in me which said, "There is a living God who made all things." Immediately the cloud and temptation vanished away, and life rose over it all; my heart was glad, and I praised the living God.
  (George Fox)

Compiled by Gary Bowell

Copyright 1989 by Gary Bowell

All Rights Reserved