Mind the Heavenly Treasure

Thoughts for each day from the Scriptures and the eight volumes of the writings of George Fox

Third Month 11, 2023.

Scriptures, Promises, Prophecies
         That we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.         
         (Rom. 15:4)

  So all people's applying scriptures, or promises, or prophecies, whilst they grieve God's good spirit in their hearts, and hate his light that shines there, and walk despitefully against the spirit of grace, and so disobey the voice and command of God and Christ, which cannot have comfort of God, nor Christ, nor the scriptures, nor the promises nor prophecies of them. But they that walk in the light, and spirit and grace, and the gospel, they have the comfort of God and Christ, and the prophecies and promises...
  (George Fox)

Compiled by Gary Bowell

Copyright 1989 by Gary Bowell

All Rights Reserved