Mind the Heavenly Treasure

Thoughts for each day from the Scriptures and the eight volumes of the writings of George Fox

Sixth Month 17, 2023.

Keep to the Equal Measure
         But thou shalt have a perfect and just weight.         
         (Deuteronomy 25:15)

  Keep to the equal measure and just weight in all things, both inwardly and outwardly, that you may answer equity, answer truth in the oppressed, and the spirit, and grace, and light in all people. And so, being kept in righteousness, and equity, and truth, and holiness, that preserves you over the inequality, injustice, and the false measure, and weight, and balance in all things, both inward and outward.
  (George Fox)

Compiled by Gary Bowell

Copyright 1989 by Gary Bowell

All Rights Reserved