Mind the Heavenly Treasure

Thoughts for each day from the Scriptures and the eight volumes of the writings of George Fox

Sixth Month 2, 2023.

But By Christ
         I am the door.         
         (John 10:9)

  No one comes out of darkness, but by Christ, the light; no one comes out of death, and from under the prince of death, the power of it, but by Christ, the life. So he is the way to God. No one comes out of unrighteousness, but by Christ the righteous; no one comes out of the wisdom below, but by Christ, who is the wisdom of God, which is from above. And no one comes out of error and evil, but by Christ, the truth. So He is the door, and the way to God Almighty.
  (George Fox)

Compiled by Gary Bowell

Copyright 1989 by Gary Bowell

All Rights Reserved